Third SO GLOBEC special volume of Deep-Sea Research II


Updated on 12/06/10



Abstracts of accepted manuscripts


"Antifreeze Proteins in Pelagic Fishes from Marguerite Bay (Western Antarctica)"

T.L. Cullins, A.L. DeVries, and J.J. Torres



"Seasonal evolution of the upper-ocean adjacent to the South Orkney Islands, Southern Ocean: results from a 'lazy biological mooring'"

M.P. Meredith, K.W. Nicholls, I.A. Renfrew, L. Boehme, M. Biuw and M. Fedak



"Water Masses, Ocean Fronts, and the Structure of Antarctic Seabird Communities: Putting the Eastern Bellingshausen Sea in Perspective"

C.A. Ribic, D.G. Ainley, R.G. Ford, W.R. Fraser, C.T. Tynan, and E.J. Woehler



"High-resolution modelling of the shelf and open ocean adjacent to South Georgia, Southern Ocean"

E.F. Young, M.P. Meredith, E.J. Murphy, and G.R. Carvalho



"Lagrangian simulation of transport pathways and residence times along the Western Antarctic Peninsula"

A. Piñones, E.E. Hofmann, M.S. Dinniman, and J.M. Klinck



"Using passive acoustics to model blue whale habitat off the Western Antarctic Peninsula"

A. Sirovic and J.A. Hildebrand



"Invertebrate micronekton and macrozooplankton in the Marguerite Bay region of the Western Antarctic Peninsula"

M.L. Parker, J. Donnelly, and J.J. Torres



"Characterization of sea ice cover, motion and dynamics in Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula"

J. Hyatt, R.C. Beardsley, and W.B. Owens



"Characterization of winter foraging locations of Adélie Penguins along the Western Antarctic Peninsula, 2001-2002"

E.S. Erdmann, C.A. Ribic, D.L. Patterson-Fraser, and W.R. Fraser



"Ecological Niche Modeling of Sympatric Krill Predators Around Marguerite Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula"

A.S. Friedlaender, D.W. Johnston, W.R. Fraser, J.M. Burns, P.N. Halpin, and D.P. Costa



"Population genetic variation of the Southern Ocean krill, Euphausia superba, in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region based on mitochondrial single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)"

P.G. Batta Lona, A. Bucklin, P.H. Wiebe, N.J. Copley, and T. Patarnello



"Biology and life cycles of pelagic tunicates in the Lazarev Sea, Southern Ocean"

E.A. Pakhomov, C.D. Dubischar, B.P.V. Hunt, V. Strass, B. Cisewski, V. Siegel, L. von Harbou, L. Gurney, J. Kitchener, and U. Bathmann



"The seasonal cycle of the Lazarev Sea macrozooplankton community and a potential shift to top down trophic control in winter"

B.P.V. Hunt, E.A. Pakhomov, V. Siegel, V. Strass, B. Cisewski, and U. Bathmann



"A model study of Circumpolar Deep Water on the West Antarctic Peninsula and Ross Sea continental shelves"

M.S. Dinniman, J.M. Klinck, and W.O. Smith, Jr.



"Horizontal and vertical distribution of euphausiid species on the Western Antarctic Peninsula U.S. GLOBEC Southern Ocean study site"

P.H. Wiebe, C.J. Ashjian, G.L. Lawson, A. Piñones, and N.J. Copley



"The Zooplankton of Marguerite Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula. Part I: Abundance, Distribution, and Population Response to Variability in Environmental Conditions"

M. Marrari, K.L. Daly, A. Timonin, and T. Semenova



"The Zooplankton of Marguerite Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula. Part II: Vertical Distributions and Habitat Partitioning"

M. Marrari, K.L. Daly, A. Timonin, and T. Semenova