Characterization of winter foraging locations of Adélie Penguins along the Western Antarctic Peninsula, 2001-2002


Eric S. Erdmann, Christine A. Ribic, Donna L. Patterson-Fraser, and William R. Fraser



Fraser and Trivelpiece (1996) hypothesized that Adélie Penguin breeding colonies are located near deep off-shore canyons that contain predictable food resources. These off-shore canyons may continue to provide access to resources during the Antarctic winter (Fraser et al., in prep.). We will be analyzing the telemetry data collected during the SO GLOBEC cruises of 2001 and 2002 to characterize individual penguin's foraging locations in relation to bathymetry and ice characteristics. We also will explore differences in locations in relation to sex, specifically focusing on the Marguerite Bay area to determine if male and female foraging locations overlap in time and space.