Third SO GLOBEC Science Steering Committee Meeting

9-10 July 2001

National Science Foundation, Room 530

9 July, Monday

0915     Welcome and Logistics (Hofmann)

0930     Brief Overview of LM Gould process (LMG01-04) cruise (Torres)

            Brief Overview of NB Palmer survey (NBP01-03) cruise (Wiebe)

            Brief Overview of LM Gould mooring cruise (LMG01-03) (Beardsley)

1030    Break

1045    Logistical Issues for NBP and LMG July-August 2001 cruises

            Science Issues for NBP and LMG July-August cruises             Other Cruise Issues             Raytheon Issues (Doyle) 1200     Lunch

1315     Continue discussion of logistical and science issues as needed

             Planning for 2002 cruises

            Discussion of science investigator meeting scheduled for 10-12 December 2001             Data Reporting 1500     Break

1515     Continue Discussion

1700     Adjourn

10 July, Tuesday

0900     Continue discussions from Monday as needed

             Representation of SO GLOBEC at national and international meetings

            Planning for Ocean Sciences Special Session

            Planning for first DSR special topics volume

            Representation at International GLOBEC Second Open Science Meeting, Quigdao, China, 15-18 October 2002
            Sea Ice Physics and Biology Workshop, Norfolk, VA, 7-10 October 2002 (joint GLOBEC, SCAR, SCOR)

            ICES/PICES Zooplankton Meeting, Spring 2003, Spain

            Status of program article for EOS/Oceanography Magazine GLOBEC Issue

            International GLOBEC Brochure
            Mini Science Investigator Workshops (e.g., hydrography and circulation, BIOMAPER environmental data sets)

            Continued media coverage of SO GLOBEC cruises

1030     Break

1045     Continue Discussions

1230     Lunch

1330     Continue Discussions as needed - adjourn when finished