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Stratospheric Ozone

An Electronic Textbook

with low- and high-resolution graphics and review questions

Before you begin exploring these chapters, keep in mind that this is indeed a book whose chapters can be rather large files. Be sure to let them finish loading completely before you start moving around.

Each chapter is represented on the screen with three independent frames. The frame across the top right contains the chapter title, buttons you can use to move between chapters, and links to the different sections of that chapter. The frame below on the bottom right displays the text of the selected section, and buttons at the bottom also allow you to move between sections. The vertical frame on the left side contains the thumbnails of the graphical figures and a link to a file containing high-resolution PDF versions that are good for printing and making view graphs. Each thumbnail links to a larger, low-resolution image for viewing. Conventional scientific citation within chapter text was removed for reading ease and flow. All citations for graphics and text are found in each chapter's References section.

So choose a chapter, click on its link, and watch it load.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Stratospheric Ozone

Chapter 2: The Chemical, Thermal, and Dynamical Structure of Earth's Atmosphere

Chapter 3: Morphology of Ozone

Chapter 4: Radiation and the Atmosphere

Chapter 5: Stratospheric Photochemistry

Chapter 6: Stratospheric Dynamics and the Transport of Ozone and Other Trace Gases

Chapter 7: Ozone and Atmospheric Chemistry Measurements

Chapter 8: Stratospheric Ozone Variability

Chapter 9: Trends in Stratospheric Ozone

Chapter 10: Pollution of the Stratosphere

Chapter 11: The Antarctic Ozone Hole

Chapter 12: Modeling, Assessments, and Trend Prediction


The Stratospheric Ozone Electronic Textbook was funded, developed, written, and edited by members of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch (Code 916).


Managers: Drs. Paul Newman and Gary Morris
Editor: Richard M. Todaro
Educational Reviewer: Dr. Barbara Gage
Publication Designer: Diana J. Sunday


Chapter 1 -- Dr. Paul A. Newman

Chapter 2 -- Drs. Gary Morris, Barbara Gage, Paul A. Newman, Arthur Aikin, and William Heaps; and Messers Frank Crum, David Larko, and Richard M. Todaro

Chapter 3 -- Dr. Gary Morris

Chapter 4 -- Dr. Ed Celarier and Ms. Stacey Hollandsworth

Chapter 5 -- Dr. Paul A. Newman

Chapter 6 -- Drs. Eugene Cordero, Paul A. Newman, Clark Weaver, and Eric Fleming

Chapter 7 -- Ernest Hilsenrath

Chapter 8 -- Dr. Richard Stolarski

Chapter 9 -- Stacey M. Hollandsworth and Matthew D. Binder

Chapter 10 -- Dr. Richard Stolarski

Chapter 11 -- Dr. Paul A. Newman

Chapter 12 -- Drs. Gary Morris and David Considine; and Mr. Richard M. Todaro

Illustrations come from a variety of sources created or contributed by the authors and colleagues.

We wish to thank Dr. Pawan K. Bhartia, Head of the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch at NASA GSFC, for supporting this educational endeavor and Drs. Paul A. Newman and Gary Morris for managing the project with the core team of writers.

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