Source Material for Figures

Figure 8.01: Radial swidden agriculture, roadside incursion, and large project clearings. Provided by Compton Tucker, NASA/GSFC.

Figure 8.02: Forest clearing along roads over a twenty year period. After Chomentowski, W., B. Salas, and D. Skole. Landsat Pathfinder project advances deforestation mapping. GIS World 7(4):34-38.

Figure 8.03: Urban expansion over fifteen years. Extracted from USGS EROS Data Center Earthshots article.
Figure 8.04: Lights of the USA from DMSP with AVHRR reference mosaic. Extracted from Web postings of compatible AVHRR and DMSP imagery.
Figure 8.05: Nightime detection of ephemeral African fires with DMSP

Suggested Reading

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