Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography

2013 Fall Seminar Series


Karen Forget
Lynnhaven River NOW

Monday, September 30, 2013
3:30 PM
Room 1202, Engineering and Computational Sciences Building


Lynnhaven River NOW is a partnership developed by local citizens to bring together public and private resources to reduce pollution in the Lynnhaven River. The goals of the organization are to identify and reduce sources of contamination in the river, to educate and engage the community and partner organizations in restoring and protecting the Lynnhaven River, and to restore lost habitats such as oyster reefs, salt marshes, and other buffers that help to filter polluted runoff and protect the river and its marine life. The Lynnhaven River was once noted along the east coast of the US for its oysters. Howerver, this resource has significantly declined through pollution. This seminar will provide an overview of Lynnhaven River NOW activities that are intended to protect and restore the Lynnhaven River, which include oyster restoration, a Living Shoreline Initiative, and protection of Diamondback Terrapins.


Karen Forget has a B.A. from Purdue University and a M.A. from the College of William and Mary. Karen came to Lynnhaven River NOW after thirty years as a teacher and school administrator. Her first involvement with Lynnhaven River NOW was as a citizen oyster gardener, which she has been doing now for eighteen years. Since 2005, Karen has been working full time with Lynnhaven River NOW, first as the Education and Outreach Coordinator and for the past seven years as the Executive Director. Karen serves on several city-wide committees including the Green Ribbon Committee, the Clean Waters Task Force, the Sustainability Advisory Team, and the Mayor's Energy Advisory Committee. She also serves on the Board of Buy Fresh, Buy Local Hampton Roads and was a Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute Fellow in 2012.

Reception before seminar at 3:00 PM

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