Fall 2017 CCPO Seminar Series

Fall 2017
CCPO and ODU Resilience Collaborative
Seminar Series

Innovation Research Park Building II
4211 Monarch Way, 1st Floor
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23508

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CCPO Seminar Series archives (Spring 2010
to Spring 2017)

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ODUOnline Web Conference and Video Stream

Mondays @ 3:30 PM with a reception held prior @ 3:00
Innovation Research Park, Building II
4211 Monarch Way, Norfolk, VA 23508


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September 18

"Recent Changes to Seasonality and Why It Matters"

Michael Allen
Department of Politcal Science & Geography
Old Dominion University

September 25

"The Impact of ENSO and PDO on Regional and Global Sea Level"

Se-Hyeon Cheon
Old Dominion University

October 2

"Economic Values of Coastal Erosion Management: Joint Estimation of Use and Passive Use Values with Recreation Demand and Contingent Valuation Data"

Craig Landry
Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics
University of Georgia

October 9

No Seminar — ODU Fall Break

No Seminar — ODU Fall Break

October 16

"Regional and Global Sea-Surface Temperatures During the Last Interglaciation"

Jeremy Hoffman
Science Museum of Virginia

October 23

"Initiation of Cochlodinium polykrikoides Blooms in the lower Chesapeake Bay: Hot Spots and Hot Times

Margie Mulholland
Department of Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Old Dominion University

October 30

"Will Climate Change Result in Seasonal Mismatches Between Fish Reproduction and Plankton Blooms? Evidence from the California Current and Earth System Model Projections"

Rebecca Asch
Department of Biology
East Carolina University

November 6

"The Socioecology of Rodent-borne Disease Risk in Post-Katrina New Orleans"

Michael Blum
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Tennessee

November 13

"Modeling Marine Bivalve Populations: Approaches and Challenges"

Eileen Hofmann
Old Dominion University

November 20

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