Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography & Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience

Fall 2021 Virtual Seminar Series


David Lagomasino
East Carolina University

Monday, September 13, 2021
3:30 PM


Extreme weather events, such as tropical cyclones and droughts, account for at least 11% of global mangrove losses. The majority of these losses occur within the Caribbean, Australia, and Oceania, but little is understood about the recovery response after a storm beyond individual case studies. Here, we track the impact, resistance, and resilience of coastal forests after cyclones across the Caribbean. We have shown that cyclone frequency, the intensity of wind and storm surge, and geomorphic setting can affect the ecosystem structure, recovery time, and tipping points of the coastal foundation species. In this talk, we will discuss how using a combination of various remote sensing data, including lidar, radar, and optical imagery, provides unique information about how human and natural systems respond to disturbances, whether from hurricanes or land reclamation. This information is then incorporated into coastal vulnerability models to identify locations prone to prolonged recovery or die-off.


Dr. Lagomasino uses satellite, airborne, drone, and ground measurements to identify areas of coastal resilience and vulnerability. His research links remotely sensed spatial data directly with stakeholders in order to address exposure and sensitivity issues for coastal/wetland management and ecosystem valuation. Through his projects, Dr. Lagomasino has visited coastal regions around the world and gained insights into coastal issues many other countries face that are similar to North Carolina and the US. His goal is to provide meaningful information that will better inform coastal management practices, while also inspiring students and the community to become environmental stewards in order to help sustain our coastal resources.

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