Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography & Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience

Spring 2022 Virtual Seminar Series


Kyle Hinson
Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Monday, January 24, 2022
3:30 PM

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 976 9020 8197
Passcode: 475947


Like coastal systems globally, the Chesapeake Bay is experiencing a multitude of stressors from climate change impacts, including increasing temperatures, changes in watershed nutrient transport, sea level rise, and regional ocean changes. In this presentation, I will focus on the mechanisms behind warming trends over the past three decades and the implications for future increases in Bay temperatures. Results highlight the importance of understanding atmospheric warming trends, as well as regional changes in ocean circulation as global temperatures continue to increase in the 21st century. Preliminary findings on climate-driven changes to the Bay watershed and consequences for estuarine hypoxia will also be discussed.


Kyle Hinson is a biogeochemical modeler focused on the dynamics and consequences of climate change impacts in coastal zones. He received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science with a Physics minor from UNC-Chapel Hill. While there, he was introduced to lab research by helping to analyze remote sensing imagery of global rivers and was then exposed to field work when deploying current profilers in Morehead City, NC. Before beginning graduate school, he worked in a staff position with the Chesapeake Bay Program's Modeling Workgroup, helping to generate the first estimates of climate impacts on regulatory watershed model nutrient loads. He is currently in his fifth year at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, completing his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Marjy Friedrichs.

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