Browsethe Leo-15 data set

At the top of the page for each day, you will see time series of mean water level, surface wave height and important meteorological parameters. Below these are sets of 4 color-coded fields from consecutive VADCP files (each corresponding to roughly 2.2 hour), displayed as functions of H = height above bottom. Files can be located in the ancillary plots through the time axes. Individual panels display (top to bottom):

A5 = backscatter amplitude from the vertical beam,
w = true vertical velocity from the vertical beam,
Ug = E(+)/W velocity and
Vg = N(+)/S velocity calculated from the slant beam pairs.

In each panel, a white curve denotes the surface height as identified in the verticalbeam amplitude field.

You are offered a choice of scaling for the display of the water column fields:

Auto-scale reveals the most detail in individual records,
Fixed-scale facilitates comparisons between different records.

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