RUMFS Deployment Crew

  (Left to right:  Dan Crowell, Dave Andrews, John Zlotnik (white ball cap), Rose Petrecca and Joe Dobarro)



CCPO Deployment Crew put together the VADCP package

(Left: Marine Tech Chris Powell;  Middle: Marine Tech Trainee Laura Iliffe;  Right: Post-doc Judith Wells)




RUMFS Vessel Arabella at the dock - on the calm day before deployment





Ann Gargett adds a last minute,

highly technical sediment depth scale to the Doppler cage on the way out to the node

 (good thing I didn't look over my shouder until afterwards!)




Chris mixes up some good stuff - cayenne pepper in silcone grease

 - guaranteed to keep nasty biologicals off the transducers . . .



 too bad it didn't work!  . . . and WHY did you say the Beam 1 data went funny just then?