Spring 2021 CCPO and ICAR Virtual Seminar Series

Spring 2021
Virtual Seminar Series

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CCPO Seminar Series archives (Spring 2010
to Fall 2020)

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Mondays @ 3:30 PM EST


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February 1

"Integrated Resilience Planning: Bridging Deep Divides That Threaten Our Future"

Philip Berke
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

February 8

"Constraints on Mangrove Seedling Survival & Challenges to Mangrove Conservation"

Taylor Sloey
Dept. of Biological Sciences, ODU

February 15

No seminar - Presidents Day holiday

No seminar - Presidents Day holiday

February 22

"Ice-Ocean Interactions from Direct Observations Beneath Sea Ice and Ice Shelf in the Ross Sea, Antarctica"

Natalie Robinson
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

March 1

"Detecting Changes in the Indonesian Seas"

Janet Sprintall
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

March 8

"Changes in Extreme Sea Levels and Coastal Flood Risk"

Thomas Wahl
University of Central Florida

March 15

"Advancing Climate Resilience for Coastal Infrastructure: Insights from a Decade of Applied Research"

Austin Becker
University of Rhode Island

March 22

"Ethics of Managed Retreat as Climate Adaptation in the United States"

A.R. Siders
University of Delaware

March 29

"Emergency Management, Disaster Myths, and Protective Action Behavior Following IrMaria in the U.S. Virgin Islands"

Hans Louis-Charles
Virginia Commonwealth University

April 5

"OCEANS 2022 Update and ODU's Role"

Ray Toll and Laura Rogers