Spring 2021 CCPO and ICAR Virtual Seminar Series

Spring 2021
Virtual Seminar Series

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CCPO Seminar Series archives (Spring 2010
to Fall 2020)

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Mondays @ 3:30 PM EST


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February 1

"Integrated Resilience Planning: Bridging Deep Divides That Threaten Our Future"

Philip Berke
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

February 8

"Constraints on Mangrove Seedling Survival & Challenges to Mangrove Conservation"

Taylor Sloey
Dept. of Biological Sciences, ODU

February 15

No seminar - Presidents Day holiday

No seminar - Presidents Day holiday

February 22

"Ice-Ocean Interactions from Direct Observations Beneath Sea Ice and Ice Shelf in the Ross Sea, Antarctica"

Natalie Robinson
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

March 1

"Detecting Changes in the Indonesian Seas"

Janet Sprintall
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

March 8

"Changes in Extreme Sea Levels and Coastal Flood Risk"

Thomas Wahl
University of Central Florida

March 15

"Advancing Climate Resilience for Coastal Infrastructure: Insights from a Decade of Applied Research"

Austin Becker
University of Rhode Island

March 22


A.R. Siders
University of Delaware

March 29


Hans Louis-Charles
Virginia Commonwealth University

April 5

"OCEANS 2022 Update and ODU's Role"

Ray Toll and Laura Rogers