Alexander Ezer (1894-1973)


Pictures: father: Manuel Leibovich Evzerov (1869-1926) ; mother: Maria Nachomovna Slifka (?-1939)
siblings (young to old): Victor, Alexander, Liola, Anatoly : Rebecca, Alexander, Cleve, Manuela, Gabbi
in Venice (1937) ; with Arthur Rubinstein at Binyaney Ha'ooma (1950)
2015 Yevzerov-Ezer Family Reunion presentation

       Articles and poems he wrote:

o      Tourism: draft article on economic impact , published article on Israel's Tourist Industry (English)

o      Equality and society , Thoughts about Theatre , Bread and Entertainment , Art critique (Hebrew)

o      Letter to Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kolak (Hebrew, 1967)

o      On Israel's 10th Anniversary (Hebrew, 1957)

o      Articles and reviews published in Haaretz (Hebrew, 1941-46)

o      Articles on Pinhas Rutenberg and other topics published in Haaretz (Hebrew, 1945-47)

o      "My Way" (poem in Russian) Hebrew Translation by Or Adam

o      "Let It Be" (poem translated to Hebrew by Miriam Yalan-Shteklis)



o      Shalom Aleichem's book "Menahem-Mendl" - The character Yevzeroll was inspired by Manuel Yevzerov
(published in Yiddish, 1909; translated to English by Aleichem's granddaughter, 1969)

o      Hand written letters and self portrait written to his children from the NY World's Fair (Hebrew, 1939)

o      Hand written poems written to his children (Hebrew, 1942-43)

o      Business card ; The "Flying Camel" of the "Levant Fair"

o      Visa to China (Chinese, 1919) ; Jews of China (1914-1931)

o      Document in Russian (belongs to his brother Victor?)

o      "A Lifetime in Jerusalem, The Memoirs of the 2nd Viscount Samuel" (Book by Edwin Samuel, 1970)

o      The 3rd Assembly of Representatives ("Asefat Hanivcharim", 1931)


Encyclopedia of Founders of Israel ; Who's Who in World Jewry, 1972 ; Yevzerov Family Tree (1830-2015)
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