Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan Straits and Caribbean Sea

Simulations with the Princeton Ocean Model

(Supported by ONR & MMS)

Collection of Figures and Animations


Surface Salinity on the Northern GOM Shelf: 1992 , 1993 , 1994

SSH and Geostrophic Vel. from Altimeter data: 1992-1995 (9mb gif) , 1996-1999 (12mb gif)

Effect of Hurricane Georges on SST and SSH

Effect of Hurricane Roxanne on SSH

Simulation of GOM Loop Current eddy shedding (7mb gif)

Yucatan Strait Flow


Most of the results obtained from a North Atlantic model (5N-50N), forced by monthly COADS climatological surface data; the model configuration is described in:

Ezer,T., On the seasonal mixed-layer simulated by a basin-scale ocean model and the Mellor-Yamada turbelence scheme, J. Geophys. Res., 105(C7),16,843-16,855, 2000.

Ezer,T. and G. L. Mellor, Sensitivity studies with the North Atlantic sigma coordinate Princeton Ocean Model, Dyn. Atmos. Ocean, 32, 185-208, 2000.