2nd International Workshop on Modeling the Ocean (IWMO-2010)

Special Issue of Ocean Dynamics


Editors of special issue:

Tal Ezer (ODU), Lie-Yauw Oey (Princeton U.), Huijie Xue (U. Maine), Xiao Hua Wang (UNSW/ADFA, Australia)


Proposed schedule and deadlines


--- 1-June to 15-June, 2010: submit title and authors to tezer(AT)odu.edu


--- 1-June to 30-July, 2010: submit full papers online to Ocean Dynamics (http://www.springeronline.com/journal/10236), make sure to select Paper Type as IWMO-2010


--- June to December, 2010: review process


--- January to March, 2011: final revisions and print editing


--- February to May, 2011: planned publication (pending on completion of the review and revision process) 


Note that each accepted paper is published online by Springer a couple of weeks after acceptance, and ahead of the printed issue, so submitting to the OD special issue instead of the regular issue or to other journals does not delay the publication of your paper .


Who can submit and what papers we are seeking?


--- We accept submission of papers from authors who either attended the IWMO-2010 meeting (even if did not present a paper), or are coauthors on presentations, or planned to present but were unable to attend due to Visa issues, etc. The editors will consider exceptions to the above when requested


--- Papers do not necessarily have to be exactly those presented at the meeting, as long as they are high quality papers and fit the IWMO theme of ocean modeling, prediction and diagnostics


--- The vigorous review process will be the same as regular papers submitted to OD with at least 2 reviewers. In the cover letter, authors can suggest to the editors of potential reviewers who are unaffiliated with the authors, but familiar with their work