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Eileen E. Hofmann

Professor of Oceanography

Recent Publications

Powell, E.N., J.M. Klinck, and E.E. Hofmann, 2011, Generation time and the stability of sex-determining alleles in oyster populations as deduced using a gene-based population dynamics model.  Journal of Theoretical Biology, 21, 27-43.

Hofmann, E.E., B. Cahill, K. Fennel, M. A.M. Friedrichs, K. Hyde, C. Lee, A. Mannino, R.G. Najjar, J.E. O’Reilly, J. Wilkin, and J. Xue, 2011, Modeling the dynamics of continental shelf carbon, Annual Review Marine Science, 3, 93-122.

Hofmann, E.E., D.P. Costa, and J.J. Torres, 2011, The US Southern Ocean GLOBEC Program, Current, 27, 19-23. 

Piñones, A., E.E. Hofmann, M.S. Dinniman, and J.M. Klinck, 2011, Lagrangian simulation of transport pathways and residence times along the western Antarctic Peninsula, Deep-Sea Research  II, 58, 1524-1539.
Hofmann, E.E., P.H. Wiebe, D.P. Costa, and J.J. Torres, 2011, Introduction to understanding the linkages between Antarctic food webs and the environment: A synthesis of Southern Ocean GLOBEC studies, Deep-Sea Research II, 58, 1505-1507.

Chapman, E.W., W.R. Fraser, E.E. Hofmann, C.A. Ribic, and D. Patterson, 2011,  Climate associated factors affecting Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) chick growth and recruitment off the western Antarctic Peninsula, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 436, 273-289. 

Dinniman, M.S., J.M. Klinck and E.E. Hofmann, 2012, The influence of surface winds on Circumpolar Deep Water transport and ice shelf basal melt along the west Antarctic Peninsula, Journal of Climate.



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