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Robert Tuleya

Adjunct Professor

Recent Publications

Bender, M. A., I. Ginis, R. Tuleya, B. Thomas, and T. Marchok, 2007: The operational GFDL coupled hurricane-ocean prediction system and a summary of its performance. Monthly Weather Review, 135(12), 3965-3989.

Knutson, T. R., J. J. Sirutis, S. T. Garner, I. M. Held, and R. E. Tuleya, 2007: Simulation of the recent multidecadal increase of Atlantic Hurricane activity using an 18-km-Grid Regional Model. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 88(10), 1549-1565.

Marchok, T., R. Rogers, and R. Tuleya, 2007: Validation schemes for tropical cyclone quantitative precipitation forecasts: Evaluation of operational models for U.S. Landfalling cases. Weather and Forecasting, 22(4), 726-746.

Tuleya, R., M. DeMaria, and R. J. Kuligowski, 2007: Evaluation of GFDL and simple statistical model rainfall forecasts for U.S. landfalling tropical storms. Weather and Forecasting, 22(1), 56-70.

Knutson, T. K., and R. E. Tuleya, 2004: Impact of CO2-induced warming on simulated hurricane intensity and precipitation: Sensitivity to the choice of climate model and convective parameterization. Journal of Climate, 17(18), 3477-3495.



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