2003 Terrain-Following Ocean Models Users Workshop
 4-6 August, 2003, PMEL/NOAA,
Seattle WA


Venue: The third joint biennial meeting of terrrain-following ocean model users (POM/ECOM/NCOM, SPEM/SCRUM/ROMS/ , TOMS) will be held at the auditorium of the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) in Seattle, WA, 4-6 August, 2003. Reception and Dinner by the lake are planned for Monday evening.

Scope: The two and a half-days meeting will include talks and posters on: numerics and computational issues, mixing parameterizations, data assimilation, process studies, and coastal forecast systems. We also plan a general discussion session to report on new model developments and to discuss issues of interest.
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Support is provided by ONR Ocean Modeling and Prediction Program.



Workshop OrganizationTeam


Hernan Arango
Albert Hermann
Tal Ezer
Rutgers University
Princeton University