Welcome to The Princeton Ocean Model (POM), a simple-to-run yet powerful ocean modeling code to simulate a wide-range of problems, from small-scale coastal processes to global ocean climate change. POM is a sigma coordinate (terrain-following), free surface ocean model with embedded turbulence and wave sub-models, and wet-dry capability. POM has been a pioneering force in ocean research since the early 1980s, and continues with innovative new developments by its thousands of users worldwide until today.
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  International Workshop on Modeling the Ocean (IWMO Home)

-Peer reviewed papers from IWMO are published in special issues of Ocean Dynamics
-Links to all IWMO meetings (2009-2019) and POM Users meetings (1996-2003) are here

-The 11th IWMO-2019 was held in Wuxi, China, June 17-20, 2019. [group picture]
[submit paper, info on special issue; DEADLINE: 30-NOV-2019 ].
-The 10th IWMO-2018 was held in Santos, Brazil, June 25-28, 2018. [group picture]
-The 9th IWMO-2017 was held in Seoul, South Korea, July 3-6, 2017.
-The 8th IWMO-2016 was held in Bologna, Italy, 7-10 June, 2016. (special issue published)
-The 7th IWMO-2015 was held in Canberra, Australia, 1-5 June, 2015. (special issue published)

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