International Whaling Commission (IWC) and
Southern Ocean GLOBEC Collaboration



  • East Antarctica, Casey, Australia SOCEP Voyage 7 (17 February to 12 March 2004)


  • Ross Sea U.S. ANSLOPE collaboration (23 February to 10 April 2004)


  • Weddell Sea German SO GLOBEC collaboration (27 March to 6 May 2004)


  • LMG04-02 U.S. ARP redeployments in the Peninsula and South Shetlands (29 March to 12 April 2004)



  • Aurora Australis SOCEP whale research - Voyage 4 - 2002/03 Australian SO GLOBEC

Part I
Report 1
Report 2
Report 3
Report 4
Report 5
Acoustic Recording Package (ARP) deployment
Tissue biopsy sampling of whales and dolphins

  • IWC Participation in United Kingdom BAS Scotia Sea SO GLOBEC Cruise (January-February 2003)

Cruise report of cetacean survey
Whale studies, 13-27 January 2003
First update JR82 (January 2003)


Humpback whale image
Two whales image

Minke habitat image
Two whales image



Map of Mooring Cruise (LMG02-01A)
Whale image(LMG02-01A)
Whale image(LMG02-01A)





                                                                Images of minke whales provided by Deborah Thiele, IWC