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Computer Lab Exercises and Instructor's Guide
for Use With NASA Image2000

Exploring Stratospheric Ozone Using TOMS Ozone Data

Authors: Carla Evans, Ned Horning, Linda Webb, Cynthia Hall-Atkinson
Curriculum Developer: Barbara Gage, Ph.D.
Editor: Diana Sunday

These guided inquiry exercises were designed to be used as stand-alone activities. The Instructor's Guide contains for each exercise

These Acrobat PDF documents are ready to print and duplicate for use in your classroom. To download these files, simply click on the highlighted item.

Computer Lab Exercises oz_i2k_ex.pdf
Instructor's Guide oz_i2k_ig.pdf

If you have comments, suggestions, or problems, please eMail Elizabeth A. Smith, exsmith@odu.edu.


INTRODUCTION Information you need for setting up and using these exercises in your classroom
EXERCISE 1 Investigating Characteristics and the Display of TOMS Ozone Data
EXERCISE 2 Comparing Daily Ozone Values Over the Globe to the Daily Average and Investigating Ozone Distribution Patterns
EXERCISE 3 Comparing Polar and the Tropical Monthly Ozone Distributions Through Histograms
EXERCISE 4 Observing Global Seasonal Variations in Total Column Ozone Values Using Monthly Average Images
EXERCISE 5 Comparing Spring Antarctic (14 Octobers) Ozone Values and Spring Arctic (15 Marches) Ozone Values
EXERCISE 6 Further Examination of Differences Between Spring Arctic and Spring Antarctic Ozone Distributions
EXERCISE 7 Using Monthly and Annual Averages to Monitor Seasonal Changes in Total Column Ozone for 1979 and 1992
EXERCISE 8 Investigating Ozone Distributions in 1979 and 1992 Using Monthly and Yearly Global Average Ozone Values
INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE The Instructor's Guide was designed for 2-sided duplication.

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