Jennifer Graham

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA

About me

Research Interests

  • Ocean-atmosphere-ice interactions and and their role in climate variability.
  • Water mass formation and circulation.
  • Large-scale ocean dynamics, and changes in the Earth's climate system.

    I am a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography (CCPO) at Old Dominion University, working with Dr. John Klinck and Mike Dinniman. I joined CCPO in June 2013, and will be studying interactions between the ocean, ice and atmosphere around Antarctica, in particular, on the West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) continental shelf.

    Before CCPO, I held a postdoctoral research position at UEA, investigating the seasonal cycle of temperature, salinity, and transport on the continental shelf and slope in the southeastern Weddell Sea. This formed part of the UK SASSI project.

    My PhD was also completed at UEA, under the supervision of Karen Heywood, Dave Stevens and Zhaomin Wang. I used a coupled climate model to perform a series of idealised pertubation experiments, investigating the climate impacts from changes in Antarctic Intermediate Water.

    Other Interests

    Outside work, my interests basically involve enjoying the outdoors and scenic surroundings. e.g. walking, cycling, travelling, creatures great and small, and attempting the odd triathlon. I also enjoy sampling local food and beverages. During my time at UEA, I enjoyed the Norfolk real ales. North of the border, I helped to run a number of whisky tastings. Since moving to Norfolk, VA, I have been pleased to find a couple of local microbreweries just down the road.