Welcome to The Princeton Ocean Model (POM), a simple-to-run yet powerful ocean modeling code that is able to simulate a wide-range of problems: circulation and mixing processes in rivers, estuaries, shelf and slope, lakes, semi-enclosed seas and open and global ocean. POM is a sigma coordinate (terrain-following), free surface ocean model with embedded turbulence and wave sub-models, and wet-dry capability. POM has been and continues to be a pioneering force in ocean research and modeling due to the continued innovative improvements and new developments by its users. (see more on POM developers and history on Wikipedia).

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Announcements: International Workshop on Modeling the Ocean (IWMO)
The 7th IWMO-2015 will be held 1-5 June 2015 at Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, Australia. Abstract deadline: 27-March, 2015 ( submit here)
After each meeting peer reviewed papers from IWMO are published in a special issue of Ocean Dynamics ( see all IWMO meetings 2009-2014)

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