Ph.D. Graduates

Graduate Name Year Advisor Dissertation Title Current Position
Josep Luis Pelegrí 1992 G.T. Csanady "Diapycnal Mixing and Mass Transfer in Western Boundary Currents" Dr. Pelegrí is currently with the department d'Oceanografía Física, Institut de Ciències del Mar, Barcelona, Spain.
Andras Kazmer
1993 G.T. Csanady "Heat Storage and Transport Processes in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean" Dr. Kapolnai is currently in Hungary working as a Strategy and Business Development Director at Antenna Hungaria Zrt.
Bruce Lipphardt 1993 A.D. Kirwan "Dynamics of dipoles in the Middle Atlantic Bight" Dr. Lipphardt is currently an Assistant Research Professor of Physical Ocean Science and Engineering, University of Delaware.
Julie McClean 1993 J.M. Klinck "The description and dynamics of 50-day oscillation in the western tropical region of the CME model"
Dr. McClean is a Research Oceanographer in the Climate, Atmospheric and Physical Oceanography Division at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego.
John Moisan 1993 E.E. Hofmann "Modeling Nutrient and Plankton Processes in the California Transition Zone" Dr. Moisan is currently at NASA/GSFC
Wallops Flight Facility.
Caitlin Mullen 1994 A.D. Kirwan "Flow Kinematics and Dynamics of the Gulf Stream from Composite Imagery'' Dr. Mullen is a member of the research staff, Arete Associates, Crystal City, VA.
Sunny Yu Wu 1994 L.P. Atkinson "On the Low-Frequency Current and Temperature Fluctuations Along the Shelf Break in the South Atlantic Bight"  
Peter Becker 1995 L.P. Atkinson "The Effect of Arctic River Hydrological Cycles'' After CCPO, Dr. Becker took a postdoctoral research associateship at Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory. He is now retired.
Ajoy Kumar 1995 G.T. Csanady "Observation of Shelf-water Overrunning the Southern Slope Sea'' Dr. Kumar is currently an Assistant Professor of Ocean Sciences and Coastal Studies at Millersville University, PA.
Sang-Ki Lee 1995 G.T. Csanady "Seasonal Variability of Heat and Mass Transport Process in the Upper Tropical Atlantic Ocean: A Numerical Model Study'' Dr. Lee is currently working at NOAA/AOML as a CIMAS/UM scientist.
Yvette Spitz 1995 J.M. Klinck "A Feasibility Study of Dynamical Assimilation of Tide Gauge Data in Chesapeake Bay" Dr. Spitz is a Professor in the Dept. of Oceanography, Oregon State University
Margaret Deshenieks(McManus) 1996 E.E. Hofmann "The Effects of Environmental Variability on the Population Structure of the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica): A Model Study" Dr. McManus is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa, Dept. of Oceanography.
Cathy Lascara 1996 E.E. Hofmann "Seasonal and Mesoscale Variability in the Distribution of Antarctic Krill, Euphausia Superba, West of the Antarctic Peninsula" Dr. Lascara is currently the Chief Operating Officer, Software Division at the Mechdyne Corporation
John Holdzkom 1998 A.D. Kirwan "Studies of Warm-Core Rings Using a Particle-in-Cell Method" Dr. Holdzkom currently works for AER, in Suffolk, VA.
James Koziana 1999 E.E. Hofmann "A Coupled Bio-Optical and Mixed Layer Model for the Equatorial Pacific" Dr. Koziana is now retired after a career with SAIC.
William Schulz 1999 A.D. Kirwan "Ocean Surface Maps from Blending Disparate Data Through Normal Mode Analysis" Dr. Schulz is a Captain in the U.S. Navy and teaches at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis MD.
David Smith 1999 J.M.Klinck "Modeling and Observational Studies of Sea Ice – Mixed Layer Interactions on the West Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf"  
Tonya Denise Clayton 2001 E.E. Hofmann "Trichodesmium SPP.: Numerical Studies of Resource Competition, Carbohydrate Ballasting, and Remote-Sensing Reflectance"  
Mario Cáceres Muñoz 2001 A.Valle-Levinson "Transverse Variability of the Flow and Density in Inlets of Southern Chile" Dr. Cáceres is currently at University of Valparaiso in Chile.
A. Cristobal Reyes
2001 A.Valle-Levinson "Tidal and Subtidal Lateral Structures of Density and Velocity in the Chesapeake Bay Entrance " Dr. Hernandez is a Research Professor at Universidad del Mar, Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico
Bettina Fach 2003 E.E. Hofmann "Modeling studies of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) Survival During Transport Across the Scotia Sea and Environs" Dr. Fach is currently at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey
Jose Blanco 2004 L.P. Atkinson "Inter-annual to Inter-decadal Variability of Upwelling and Anchovy Population off Northern Chile" Dr. Blanco is currently working in Chile, however he continues to do collaborative work with CCPO.
Kyung Hoon Hyun 2004 J.M. Klinck "The Effect of Submarine Canyon Width and Stratification on Coastal Circulation and Across Shelf Exchange" Dr. Hyun is currently an Adjunct Professor at NC State University.
Hae-Cheol Kim 2004 E.E. Hofmann "Estimation of Primary Production and Carbon Flux in Antarctic Coastal Waters: A Modeling Study" Dr. Kim is currently with IMSG at Environmental Modeling Center, NCEP/NOAA, Camp Springs, MD.
Baris Salihoglu 2004 E.E. Hofmann "Modeling the Effects of Physical and Biogeochemical Processes on Phytoplankton Species and Carbon Production in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean" Dr. Salihoglu is currently at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey.
Rosario Sanay 2004 A.Valle-Levinson "Wind-Induced Exchange in Semi-Enclosed Basins" Dr. Sanay is currently a Research Scientist at Universidad Veracruzana.
Andres SEPÚLVEDA 2004 A.Valle-Levinson "Inner Shelf Circulation in Coastal Virginia: A Data Assimilation Approach" Dr. Sepulveda is now at the University of Concepcion in the Geophysics Department.
David Salas-Monreal 2006 A. Valle-Levinson "Continuously Stratified Flow Dynamics Over a Hollow" Dr. Salas-Monreal is currently with the Centro de Ecologia y Pesquerias at Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico.
Nandita Sarkar 2007 T.C. Royer "Mixed Layer Dynamics along the Seward Line in the Northern Gulf of Alaska" Dr. Sarkar is currently at the Farallon Institute, which is housed at NOAA's Environmental Research Division (ERD).
Isaac Schroeder 2007 T.C. Royer "Annual and Interannual Variability in the Wind Field and the Hydrography Along the Seward Line in the Northern Gulf of Alaska" Dr. Schroeder is currently at the Farallon Institute, which is housed at NOAA's Environmental Research Division (ERD).
Yusuf SinanHusrevoglu 2008 J.M. Klinck "Modeling the Seasonal Sea Ice Cycle in the Ross Sea, Antarctica" Dr. Husrevoglu is currently at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey.
Bin Zhang 2008 J.M. Klinck "Frontal variability in Drake Passage --A modeling study" Dr. Zhang is currently at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
Erik Chapman 2009 E.E. Hofmann "Factors Affecting Adult Foraging and Chick Growth of Adélie Penguins (Pygoscelis Adeliae) off the Western Antarctic Peninsula: a Modeling Study" Dr. Chapman is a Commercial Fisheries Specialist with the New Hampshire Sea Grant office.
Andrea Piñones 2011 E.E. Hofmann "Circulation on the Western Antarctic Peninsula: Implications for Biological Production" Dr. Piñones is currently at the Yale Climate and Energy Institute.
Diego NARVÁEZ 2012 J.M. Klinck "Modeling the Dispersion of Eastern Oyster Larvae (Crassostrea Virginica) and its Effects on the Movement of Disease Resistant Genes in the Delaware Bay Estuary" Dr. Narváez is currently pursuing his postdoctoral research at CCPO with Dr. Eileen Hofmann.  

M.S. Graduates

Graduate Name Year Advisor Thesis Title Current Position
Dorlisa Hommel 1992 E.E. Hofmann "Plankton Transport Patterns and Residence Times Around a Tall Seamount: Simulation Results"  
Sang-Ki Lee 1993 C.E. Grosch "Instability Waves in the Gulf Stream Front and its Thermocline Layer" Dr. Lee is currently working at NOAA/AOML as a CIMAS/UM scientist.
Andry Ratsimandresy 1995 J.M. Klinck Non-thesis  
David Ruble 1996 L.P. Atkinson Non-thesis Mr. Ruble is currently a Research Associate at Old Dominion University.
Eddie Haskell 1997 E.E. Hofmann "Modeling Plankton Community Structure Under Environmental Forcing on the Southeastern U.S. Continental Shelf" Mr. Haskell is currently a Software Engineer for Exelis VIS, in Boulder, CO.
Vince Kelly 1998 L.A. Codispoti Non-thesis Eyes Observing Systems, located at the Horn Point Lab campus in Cambridge, MD.
Richard Moody 1998 L.P. Atkinson Non-thesis  
Shelly Paraso 1998 E.E. Hofmann "Modeling Environmental Effects on MSX Prevalence and Intensity in Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Populations" Ms. Paraso is currently with NOAA.
J. Michael Fougerousse 1999 L.P. Atkinson Non-thesis  
Tim Boyer 2000 J.M. Klinck Non-thesis Mr. Boyer is now working at NODC/NOAA.
Nandita Sarkar 2001 T.C. Royer "Hydrographic Variability on Decadal and Interdecadal Scales in the Northern Gulf of Alaska"  
Teresa Garner (Updyke) 2005 Ann Gargett Non-thesis Ms. Updyke is currently a Research Associate at CCPO working on a project to study and map surface current velocities in the lower Chesapeake Bay using high frequency RADAR.
Christopher Katzenmiller 2005 L.P. Atkinson "Interannual Variation of Stratification in Lower Chesapeake Bay"  
Diego NARVÁEZ 2006 A.Valle-Levinson "Exchange Hydrodynamics Between a Subestuary and its Adjacent Estuary"  
Andrea Piñones 2006 A.Valle-Levinson "Tidally induced variability at the Chesapeake Bay Entrance" Dr. Piñones is currently pursuing her postdoctoral research at CCPO with Dr. Eileen Hofmann.
Ruth Lane 2007 L.P. Atkinson "Salt fluxes in the Chesapeake Bay Entrance" Ms. Lane is currently the Officer in Charge, NMOPDC Det Atlantic, U.S. Navy.
Michael Fine 2010 M.E. Scully Non-thesis  
Alexandra Mattheus 2011 E.E. Hofmann Non-thesis  
Tian Tian 2011 E.E. Hofmann "Model-based Analyses of Nitrogen Cycling on the Middle Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf,"  
Mahmoud Kamel 2011 J.M. Klinck "The Effect of an Offshore Wind Turbine Array on Circulation in an Idealized Coastal Ocean" Mr. Kamel is currently pursuing his Ph.D. within the Physics Dept. at Old Dominion University.

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