CCPO Circulation

CCPO's newsletter, CIRCULATION, is published three times a year by the Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography. Informing the research community and our sponsors of center activities, the newsletter highlights research projects, accomplishments of our students, sponsored activities, grants awarded, publications, presentations, and general CCPO news.

Fall 2018: The past, present and future of CCPO

Summer 2018: A look to the future - Development of numerical ocean modeling capacity

Spring 2018: Connecting science to stakeholders for community resilience

Fall 2017: Leading the way toward better projections of regional sea level rise

Summer 2017: Graduate school reflections: Brynn Davis

Spring 2017: Reflections from Dr. Grosch

Fall 2016: I have to do what to the model? How did I get here, part II.

Summer 2016: How did I get here? The answer: sea-level rise

Spring 2016: Phytoplankton responses to nutrient enrichment in high and mid-latitude seas