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Tal Ezer, Ph.D.
Professor of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (OEAS)
Old Dominion University (ODU), Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography (CCPO)
4111 Monarch Way, Norfolk, VA 23508 (e-mail)

Co-Editor of Ocean Dynamics since its inception in 2001.
ODU Affiliations: VA Mod Analys & Simul Ctr (VMASC), Ins. Coast. Adap. Resil. (ICAR), ODU's Resil. Collaborative (ODU-RC), Ctr for Recurrent Flood Resiliency (CCRFR), Mitig & Adap (MARI), Flood Forum (HRadap), Larry's Blog (CoastSLR), WU (blogs)
Coordinator: Graduate Certificate in Modeling & Simulation in Oceanography

PhD, Physical Oceanography , Florida State University (1989)
M.Sc., Atmospheric Sciences, (1984), B.Sc., Physics & Mathematics, Hebrew University (1981)
Postdoc & Research Scholar, Princeton University (1989-2006)
Awards: Highly Cited Paper (top 1% Geosciences) , Most Cited JGR paper , Most Viewed JGR paper , AGU's Excellence in Refereeing (EOS, Jun2014) , Distinguished Research Award (May2017) , MIT Solve Finalist (Sep2018)

NORFOLK FLOOD PICTURES: 2012 (Sandy), 2013, 2015 (Joaquin), 2016 (Hermine), 2017 (KingTide) 2018 (Florence)
ANNUAL FLOOD HOURS (1927-2016), 1ft: 2ft: nuisance (53cm): Flood projection to 2050: ,Movie( AVI , GIF )
VIDEOS from drones: Hurricane Matthew (Oct2016), Hurricane Hermine (Sep2016)

My research on SEA LEVEL RISE AND CLIMATE CHANGE (recent publications); Papers: JGR(2013), GRL( 2012, 2013), MTS(2012, 2018), LawPolicy(2013), Earth's Future(2014), GlobalChange(2014, 2015), JCR(2015), OD(2016, 2017a, 2017b) , DAO(2017)
2018 Hampton Roads SLR Special Issue of MTS
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Other Research and Activities:
  • Numerical ocean modeling, forecast systems, data assimilation, turbulence, strait dynamics, climate change and sea level rise
  • Research on: Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, Bering Sea, Caribbean Sea, Cook Inlet (Alaska) and WAD simulations , Dead Sea, Faroe Bank Channel, Gulf Stream, Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan Channel , Kuroshio.
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